With all the information overload and digital being all over the place, we organise this commotion by delivering digitial news for strategists.

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Far too many people are confusing marketing with all the new platforms available, it’s as if it’s new wave marketing – well it’s not, it’s new techniques but with the same philosophy. Marketing has been around since the start of the civilisation, for us, Nafta Digital, we believe that Marketing is equal to Strategy. Don’t be and don’t feel siloed! Our media partner, Kade Media, is a provider of digital marketing services, if you’re confused, give them a bell.


Like a pebble is an ocean of rocks, if you find CEOs, Co-Founders and the Shareholders picking out simple issues that don’t give value to the market, then it’s time to hit that refresh button.

01 Test the waters

Create or re-create a simple step by step strategic plan of where the company is and the end goal. Quickly map out some ways of moving the business towards it.

02 Think transformation

Have many goals? Then there will be numerous ways to steer your strategic direction, so here think about stakeholders. Who do you need and what time, so that you can actualise your simple plan?

03 Less is more

If you think that you need complex mindmapping, business wireframing or even project management software for your business case, then you’re out of the loop! Keep it simple, choose to write it down instead of typing, make it 2 pages, don’t use a fag packet!!

04 Make some waves

Remember people and processes work together! Those who are talking big terms such as digital transformation, that only means matching the processes and people in such a way that we can execute in the moment. Be careful with who you choose and how your business rolls.


We help companies find the right triggers, systems, and processes to keep calm and carry with their strategic orientation.


Before designing anything for one’s business, auditing the landscapes are critical! We do that and advise on a strategy that can be put in motion. Strategy design is one of the most important services we offer. Nobody starts without any strategy in mind, if you don’t have it, then it’s high time…


For us, system deployment is the critical service that a business needs to start, grow and expand. Without the right systems, no business can be elastic to flex the power of it’s people. We have system deployment specialists that can visualise it for you and implement them.


This term is so misused that even we don’t like to use it as everyone’s seems to be a growth hacker these days! For us, this means, understanding where you are and where you want to be, then being able to draft ways of reaching there. If you think there is only one way, then you are off the mark already!


When we mean digital marketing, we don’t mean digital nor marketing, we mean digital marketing. This means that we use market strategies to push and pull with audiences to make sure money comes in, value increases and so does net worth. Nowadays, harnessing this area of marketing is similar to having access to pure drinking water!


A dedicated team of financial analysts, sales managers, digital marketers and IT specialists